Contruction Details

Local Woods

All our furniture is hand made from local woods near our home in Eastern Ontario. Starting with renewable trees, individual live edge boards are rough sawn from the logs.

Solid Wood Construction

Benches and Tables are all made from solid wood.  No plywood or particle board is used in the construction.  This is fine woodworking.

Hand Made

Each piece is individually hand crafted. The boards selected have air dried for a minimum of two years.  Each board tells a story.  Often, the unique shape and grain of the board help me to decide what it will be transformed into.


I have been inspired by the work of the infamous George Nakashima, the pioneer of live edge furniture.


Most of my outdoor furniture is finished with a clear matte finish, unless otherwise specified.  A full 7 coats of marine grade varnish from Holland is applied to each piece by hand. This is a time consuming process that demands attention to detail. This is the same finish that many wooden canoe builders use.

Custom Wood Design

I enjoy making specific custom pieces for my clients.  Give me an idea, a picture, the size and application you are looking for, and I would love to make your special piece a reality.